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fuedal era

inuyasha:  *thinks*what is taking her so long i knew she had to study but now she is worring me

shippo: *thinks*he is waiting for her again

back in modern age

kagome: "oh inuyasha is going to kill me" (she has her arms full of supplies and groceries)

a man comes up to her

man: "why hello there miss"

kagome: "oh umm hello now if you will excuse me"

he grabs her arm

man:  "where do you think you are going gorgeous"

kagome tried to pull away "let me go please"

the man smiles "you aren't going any where"

kagome contiues to try to pull away from him

the man chuckled and pulled her closer to him

fuedal era

inuyasha sat tapping on the wood and growling "that's it im going to get her"

he jumps down the well

modern age

man:  "come on your boyfriend will never know" he was on top of her trying to take her clothes off

kagome was trying to escape from his grasp

the man got overly irritated at her and punched her knocking her out

he took advantage of her and raped her

he left her cold naked body in the deep dark freezing alley

inuyasha jumped out of the well and ran into sota

sota:  "yo inuyasha"

inuyasha: "oh hey sota is kagome back yet"

sota shook his head no

inuyasha grumbled and started to sniff the air he found her scent and followed it

he came across a dark figure it was a alley dog over kagome's body sniffing her

inuyasha unsheathed his tetsusaiga and ran to the two dark objects where kagome's scent was coming from

he stopped dead in his tracks when he got close enough to see that the second object was kagome

he ran to her putting his kimono around her and grabbing her clothes

he took her back to the fuedal era to rest up

fuedal era

kagome: (still asleep) "i-i-inuyasha h-help me"

sango and shippo came in "is she still asleep"

inuyasha nodded keeping his eyes locked on kagome's hurting face

inuyasha: *thinks*if only i would have came sooner maybe she wouldnt have been hurt

kagome: "i-i-inuyasha w-where are your i need you"

inuyasha touched her forehead with the back of his hand and said "im right here kagome i wont leave you i promise"

kagome's worried face became serene when she heard inuyasha's voice

a couple of hours later

kagome's eyes began to flicker open she looked to her right and smiled at inuyasha then took his hand which was inside his kimono sleeve

inuyasha smiled back at her

kagome looked up at him "aren't you mad at me"

inuyasha looked down at her "why would i be mad"

kagome shrugged "because i was late"

inuyasha smiled at her "you were almost killed and you are worried about me being mad at you"

kagome chuckled and tried to sit up

inuyasha: "no kagome you need to stay down you need to regain your energy and heal from what he did to you"

kagome: "so you cant even try to rest from a fight with naraku or sesshomaru but i have to stay out of fighting for a couple days for getting in a fight with a human go figure"

inuyasha chuckled at her "you got it right on the dot" he kissed her forehead and pulled the cover up to her chin

kagome smiled at him and turned on to her side to where she was still facing him and fell asleep

-later that day-

inuyasha was leaning against the wall infront of kagome

kagome:  *cough cough cough*

inuyasha skooted over to her and felt her head she had a small fever so he put another blanket and his kimono top over her to keep her warm

kagome:  *having a night mare like before without the talking*  

kagome:  *silently in her head* stay away from me no stay back my husband will kill you if you dont stop

man:  he will never know if you get this done quickly

kagome backed up against a wall

man:  get ready pretty lady you are going to be my new wench

kagome ducked down in a ball only a new thing happened


kagome:  INUYASHA your your here

man:  *running* im sorry ill never bother her again

kagome ran over to inuyasha and he had his hand on the small of her back

inuyasha:  "can't you go anywhere where i dont have to save you all the time"

kagome:  "nope"

kagome all of the sudden rose up looking around everyone was asleep even inuyasha she smiled and went outside silently.

inuyasha in the morning after he wakes up:  *looks around* "kagome kagome"

kagome: "im out here inuyasha"

inuyasha sighed and went outside "when did you wake up"

kagome giggled "almost 5 hours ago i made everyone breakfast for the scare yesterday"

inuyasha smiled at her "no more going anywhere with out me sango or miroku

kagome raised one eyebrow at him "anywhere"

inuyasha smiled  "anywhere"

kagome:  "i guess i should be expecting that"

inuyasha laughed "yeah you should"

kagome layed her on his shoulder, "I hope that guy feels sorry for what he did."

inuyasha hugged her shoulder, "i'll make him sorry for it later."

the end for now XD
I was bored and I saw a manga strip that someone made and it was on the same topic so i thought that was a good idea hope you like.
InuyashaObsessed Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
As a very experienced author, I'll be brutally honest with you. The idea was great, but you didn't do a even a half decent job of writing this. Punctuation, off. Capitalization, off. Detail, FAR off. You've italicized everything, making it harder to tell dream from reality. Furthermore, you made it seem like writing this was a complete waste of time. There was no story at all. In essence, this was an elongated summary. Here's what you basically have: "While Inuyasha thinks Kagome is studying, she is raped. He gets worried and brings her back to the Feudal Era. She gets better. Having no emotional trauma, Kagome is going to forget that she was ever raped and go on the way everything was as though nothing ever happened." It's completely unrealistic, especially in the sense that rape deals IMMENSE trauma to the victim and after having been through it, Kagome wouldn't want to be near any males for quite some time. Even if it IS Inuyasha, she wouldn't be happy to see him. You've ignored this crucial fact in the story. Had you been mindful of it, the idea of Kagome's mental recovery would've come into play and complimented the idea perfectly.

For instance, the "road to recovery" would be long and hard. It would take a long time for her to feel comfortable around a man again. She would rather keep her distance from other people. Plus, getting raped could mean getting pregnant, which means the women of Inuyasha's time would try to inspect her as well as tend to the wounds in areas Inuyasha wouldn't dare to THINK about. She would be crying a LOT, and she would probably try to hide it as best she can.

Just some criticism from one author to another. Next time you want to write about something this severe, though, do a little research on the topic. If you want to improve your writing, take advice from more experienced authors and ask them for help if you need it.
RoarOfGreatLion Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
Pretty good, I like this story so far. :)
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